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What are WiFi Headphones?

Sennheiser RS120 Wireless headphonesWifi headphones are also known as wireless headphones. This type of headphone enables you to enjoy an endless variety of music, radio broadcasts, streaming internet radio, podcasts, and more, without the nuisance of being attached to your audio source by an electrical cord.

Quality wireless headphones are light in weight and have built-in rechargeable batteries that let you listen for 10 hours or more without recharging. They provide wonderful sound without bothering anyone else in the room. Today’s headphones provide a full range of audio frequencies including deep, punchy bass and crisp, clean highs with no interference.

RF headphones, with ranges of 300 feet and more, enable you to go anywhere in your house and still have great sound in your ears .

Available from many of the top audio equipment manufacturers and in many styles, there is a product to fit almost any need and any budget. Some of the wireless headphones covered at wifiheadphones.org are:

Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy TV shows and movies without disturbing anyone else. Whether you are sitting in the living room, or lying in bed in the bedroom, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up or deal with cords stretching across the room. With their long range, you can even get a snack or take care of personal needs while wearing wireless headphone for TV without missing any of the audio portion of the show.

motorola motorokr wireless earbudsWireless earbuds

A new product, wireless earbuds replace traditional earbuds allowing you to enjoy music in your ears without a cord draped around your body. Because they are so light and comfortable to wear, these are perfect for working out in the gym, doing yardwork around the house, or engaging in outdoor sports while listening to music or educational programs. Some models come with a built in microphone for use with cell phones.

Stereo Bluetooth headphones

Designed to work with your cellphone, this type of headphone lets you talk on your phone with the built-in microphone. With it’s Bluetooth technology you can listen to music from you iPhone, iPod or other digital music devices. Although Bluetooth has a much smaller range than RF, the transmitter and earbuds are both so small and lightweight, you will barely know that you have them on. Because they will let some environmental sound through, they are good for when you need to keep aware of what is going on around you. Some models have a radio too.

Noise cancelling headphones

Originally invented by Bose over 20 years ago, noise cancelling headphones use advanced electronics to sense and reduce the noises around you. Using tiny microphones inside and outside the earcup, these wireless headphones block environmental noise so that you have a quieter listening experience. Noise cancelling headphones are specially designed for listening in noisy environments which includes many of our homes. Travelers also like them because they are very good at removing the distracting hum experienced in airplanes.

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